How to get the best out of Mykonos’ legendary beach life

Mykonos’ beaches lavish you with riches. High-end restaurants with exquisite local dishes, sunset cocktails and beach parties, boutique shops (if you get the urge to splash out in another way) and water sports. It’s beach life, but not as you know it.
Every day on Mykonos repays you in ways you could never have imagined. So when it comes to its world-renowned beaches, it’s worth choosing as carefully as if they’re covered in gold dust, not sand. Because that’s how you’re about to feel.
What will it be today? Fine dining with the most exquisite local and international tastes? Chargrilled fish and local delicacies in tavernas given a modern twist? Sunset cocktails and dancing to a renowned DJ long into the night? Buying that irresistible little something you spotted in a luxury boutique right by the beach? The adrenaline rush of water skiing or kite-surfing? Or a combination of all of the above?
This, after all, is the island where every experience is unforgettable. Just say the word and the beaches will do the rest.